Falling For Onyx


Emily Doran did not expect to fall for Onyx.

The two only met in May, and even that was by chance. Doran had planned to foster a dog from the Washington Humane Society, and when the dog they had reserved for her suddenly became unavailable, she was left with 4-year-old Onyx.

Immediately, Doran began working to find Onyx a home. She created an Instagram page where she posted photos and described his personality. She introduced him to people in her neighborhood and name-dropped him in conversations with people she knew who might be looking for a pet. She used different training techniques to get him to calm down on walks.


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But over time, Doran’s gotten used to Onyx being by her side. She rarely posts photos to his Instagram account anymore, and she’s starting to worry about what might happen if someone else adopted him.

“I’m dreading the moment,” she said in a recent interview when asked what she’ll do if someone chooses to adopt him.

To see more on Doran and Onyx’s relationship, watch the video above.

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